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במשך 17 שנות פיתוח, צברנו ניסיון מקצועי עשיר ומגוון, ואנו שמחים לשתף אתכם בו...

A few words about us…

We specialize in developing digital applications and products for all business sectors, from high-tech companies to industrial and commercial companies and services providers.
Shtibel Com is managed by Menachem Mizrachi and Dan Dushinsky, partners of many years, with over 17 years of experience in the internet-based and mobile environment.

Since establishing Shibel Com in 2004 we developed, programmed and built hundreds of websites, applications, and additional internet-based projects. Among our customers you can find small and large companies, such as: RADWIN, MAGAL Security Systems, INSIGHTEC, The TECHNION, The Hebrew University, Bar-Ilan University and many more.

We invite you to join us and become a part of Shtibel Com family.   

Menachem Mizrachi

V.P Business Development 
Menachem graduated from Chabad Yeshivas and holds a BA in Computer Science; after graduation he did his military service in MAMRAM IDF, a consider to be a “Charedi who served in the army”, does regular military reserve service – and even enjoys it.
In the capacity of Business Development Manager he is exposed to companies from different business areas, enjoys initiating technological projects preferably with a certain edge and complexity and most importantly – project with benefit to mankind.     

Dan Dushinsky

V.P Technologies
Dan studied at Meorot Hatorah Yeshiva, holds a BA in Computer Science and after graduation did his military service in MAMRAM IDF. One of his greatest pleasures is to obsessively  program, program and program some more … preferably in the wee hours of the night. Between programing one thing or another, he plays basketball for the Communities League or Candy Crushes during his lunch break (Generally, not on account of his working hours).