Application simulations for entrepreneurs

Want to develop an app or mobilize investors towards such a development? Entrepreneurial App Simulation - Demo Prototype is the first step in your journey. Before accessing a full characterization and development process that involves higher investment and longer time, we can develop a live visualization of the app that allows fully and vividly displaying its functionality.
we will integrate various screens Design and development of imaging application itself. 

What does the Prototype Demo include?
The process of each app simulation for entrepreneurs begins with the basic characterization of the app and the user interface. We will then move on to integrating the various screens design into the app and developing the visualization itself. At the end of the process you will have an app where the user can navigate between the different screens, perform operations and feel how the real thing will look and work. The time spent on developing the demo does not go away for nothing. When it is decided to continue with full development we can
use the characterization and design that have already been carried out as the basis for the continuation of the work.

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Why develop a Demo?
You can design mockups or a Power Point presentation, and even present promotional video showing its app and usability - but there's nothing like the real thing. Especially when approaching investors for capital raising. Choosing full demostration rather than screenshots and basic visuals can make the difference and connect the future investor to your idea.