Web Application

Many business owners understand the importance of an app to their business, whether it is for Identity or direct sale, but at the same time they are concerned about the costs of developing customized app.
Exactly for that, we launched a new product stand: Web Application.

A Web Application is suitable for mobile site optimized, in accordance with Google's standard (Want to check your site on Google? Click here).
A Web Application has a number of advantages, the most significant is the ease and speed of development - within a few days it can be developed and uploaded to Google store. The price is relatively low for custom apps, whether in the Android version or the iOS version.
The Web Application allows to operate some functions that a normal app allows, for example: phone dialer operation, identifying a location and activating Waze.

Another important advantage to business owners in an app is direct contact with customers. With the Web Application, we allow to send Push Notifications to customers with special offers, discounts, etc., along with a direct link to the promotional page. These messages appear on the customer`s screen, allowing you to create a permanent presence on his phone screen.

If you are planning to develop an app and want to know what is the price including counseling and assistance including advice and assistance, and of course, personal accompaniment, we will be happy to offer you our services.